5 thoughts on “Kindness

  1. I had to look you up as I have been concerned about how you all are. I haven’t heard from you. I wrote another post with all of you in mind as well as a couple other readers. I don’t know if you were notified of the post. It is called “…more blessed to give than receive…” at 2embracethelight.wordpress
    When I read this piece of poetry above, I wished I had found it. It is very moving and inspiring. Just think if everyone had that thought process, the world would be more like the garden of eden.
    I pray you all are doing well in your pursuits and your growth. You are in my thoughts and prayers.


  2. Hi Yisraela,
    Thank you for your kind comment.
    I have not received any notification of “…more blessed to give than receive…” I will check it out though.


    1. HI Ronnie
      It is good to hear from you. The only way you’d receive notification is if you have checked the follow button on my blog. But that is only if you want to follow the blogs.
      The follow button like you have allows you to be notified of new blogs. I hope you all are doing well. And blessings to you.


  3. Hi Yisraela,
    I have just worked out why I have not been getting notifications in my email inbox for some of the blogs that I follow.
    The dropdown box settings in WordPress Reader for “Get new posts by email” had changed to “never” for about half the blogs.
    All sorted now.


  4. Hi Ronnie
    I am glad you got it worked out. I know I have not always been up to date with the changes Word Press has made. I love the dove image on this screen. What will it take to have peace in the world? A more true, more loving, more righteous ruler.
    I love the peace dove. Gives me hope.
    Please say hi to those who are fighting the good fight with you. I continue to read your posts and love the images. They say much without all the words that sometimes don’t need to be said.
    Stay strong, and be of good courage.


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