Though each one of us has one or the other problems in our day to day life yet we manage to come out of the same at times with our own efforts and at times we leave it for God to be decided. Life therefore is not always happy and cheerful as it appears us to be. One has to face its ups and downs irrespective of the fact how wealthy one is. Despite of all these hurdles in life making it unhappy and dull, experience of the learned men shows that following a few steps your worries and tensions in life may not vanish but can definitely be reduced to a considerable limit. As has been rightly said by somebody that being happy doesn’t mean that everything is perfect it means you’ve decided to look beyond the imperfections. Some such steps to be happy in life are:-


1. Keep life simple:

Most of us go into the complicated ways of doing things in life which is not required at all. Try to keep the things going on in your life as simple as you can by not getting deep into it and pondering for a long period of time over the same.


2. Practice being satisfied:

Life gives us so many good things and happiness in one way or the other yet it has now a days become a habit of each one of us to remain dissatisfied and wanting more than what life has already given us as a result of this we loose the moment meant to enjoy that achievement and think over what we do not have. Therefore the best way to remain happy in life will only be if we make our life simple and satisfy on the things we have at the moment.


3. Don’t put off things for tomorrow:

One may miss his best and most exciting opportunity in the world because of the reason that he was indecisive. Do what your heart says and then just go for it. Thinking over a matter for long will only create more complications for you thus making you life more complicated. Therefore do the things what comes your way if your heart desires for the same and don’t give it a second thought thus making your life happy.


4. Smile a lot it costs nothing:

A simple smile on your face or kind word from you will definitely create that magic not only for you but also the people around you.


5. Learn to like people:

Watch out here you are not being asked to love everyone around you but simply like everyone around you. This will serve a dual purpose firstly you will get to know people around you which will make you a social person and secondly you will forget all your little tensions you have in your day to day life by greeting and liking these new people around you.


6. Try to have fun out of everything:

This being the best exercise to release tensions out of your life and yet another powerful way to live your life happily. Don’t think that you are the greatest gift to mankind this world has ever had so don’t act so seriously in your life make it simple and normal.


7. Have a good sense of humour:

Laughter has proved to help people live longer, reduce their blood pressure and help them relate to people from around the world. Such people are really loved by everyone and there presence makes the environment cheerful. Following this path will make your own life happy.


8. Forgive yourself and the past:

Stop cursing yourself over things that happened in the past or the things you did or didn’t do, and mistakes you may have made with others. Forgiving others and most importantly yourself is a skill so few of us have the ability to accomplish.



9. Make enough money to meet your basic needs:

Happiness in today’s world is not possible until the time you have money in you pocket. It may be sounding strange but it is today’s reality. Everything that you wish is just a step away from you and this step is covered by money. Therefore being practical you ought to have that much amount in your account as would be required to let you be happy and cheerful in life.


10. Stay close to friends and family:

The best relations on earth are that of family and friends with whom we always feel secured. Being away from family and friends makes a person indulge in other worse activities to pass their times and therefore to be happy in life it’s important that you be always around your near and dear ones.


11. Find happiness in the job you have now:

Many people expect the right job or the right career to change their level of happiness, but happiness research makes it clear that your level of optimism and the quality of your relationships eclipse the satisfaction you gain from your job. Therefore it is a must rule to be followed by everyone that one should try to remain happy and satisfied whatever comes his way to remain happy and satisfied in life.

7 thoughts on “How to Be Happy In Life.

  1. HI friend
    What a honest, and realistic post on how to be happy in life. I agree with the steps you listed. I have incorporated most of them in my own life and found them to be profittable. You are very wise and I am glad you can help others through your dedication to going forward. And thank you for liking my last blog. I use to think about the footprints in sand or dirt and wondered who the person or animal was that walked there. What was there life like.
    Keep up your good work and positive outlook.
    Is this happiness month? I should write a post too on happiness if that is the case.
    Farewell friend


  2. Ronnie says:

    Thanks Yisraela,


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