3 thoughts on “ADD

  1. Yea I think in some situations that is true. In others it seems to really be a chemical or environmental ie: abuse etc issue.


  2. desertrose says:

    Everyone seems to be too eager to settle for the quick fix. My daughter was diagnosed with depression and anger issues, after the divorce. First thing they did was put her on Prozac. The change I saw in my daughter was frightening. I took her off the drugs and being a hypnotherapist devised a plan for her that included music and guided visualization therapy. the change was incredible. Not instantaneous but radical compared to the drugs. We did not have to poison her with the chemicals. Granted there are some cases that require medication, However, in my opinion the chemicals are the first thing they reach for when in fact they should be a last ditch effort . Not a constant go to or a quick fix.


    1. Thanks for your comment. I agree with completely.



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