There’ll be one missing Christmas,

one place at table—bare,

one smiling face we’ll yearn for

just knowing you’re not there


One present left beneath the tree

after all have been passed out,

with pretty ribbon posed atop—

a heartfelt gift, no doubt


Voices soft, diminished,

we’ll sing a Christmas song,

hoping next year’s easier

for you haven’t been gone long


The joy of your great laughter

as the children gathered ‘round—

your spirit more like ‘Peter Pan’

in revelry and sound


The snow outside—light falling,

of which you were so fond,

swift on skis and snowboard,

and skating on the pond


Cozy by a crackling fire

we’ll surely quiet sit,

recalling times your lengthy frame

would stretch in front of it


We’ll have to gather all our faith

and be of one accord,

knowing you are safe with Him—

spending Christmas with our Lord…


Missing you at Christmas, poem by Tamara Hillman.

Copyright 2006

3 thoughts on “Missing You At Christmas

    1. Ronnie says:

      Glad you liked it Cindy.


  1. Warm sentiments.


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