6 thoughts on “Popstar by Pretty Little Problem (Rehearsals)

  1. I never jumped out of my skin! The volumne was up to high. Wish I had their energy.


    1. Have you tried ginseng? That gives you energy.


      1. Hi Ronnie
        Years ago I think I did. I have a metabolic disorder from an autoimmune problem. So my body attacked my thyroid and now it doens’t work. I take thyroid stimulating hormones to replace what my thyroid doesn’t produce. But stress, sleep it all affects my thyroid and my thyroid all affects that. I have been under extra stress lately with my husband. Some of the things I am seeing really confuse anger and make me depressed. I know this is all more than you bargained for. But to answer your question I needed to say it all. What ever I take in the way of increasing my metabolism, herbal wise, I must consider how it might affect my heart. I have some issues there too. I had two serious heart issues since 2007 and both have gone away. Doesn’t mean I can’t get them or another one back. I am going to take a week trip alone either in May or June. I need to replenish my supply of what I need to make it. And with the weather warming up here little by little, I will soon be out of the house everyday that the weather is not raining And I will sit at the beach or park and read or just people watch. Did you ever get that song I sent to you? It was called Call You Feel The Love Tonight? By Elton John. I thought with all the heartbreak songs we post, I’d send something that I hoped would offset that. I sent it to an email address. Thanks Ronnie for the suggestion. I may need to try that again.
        Much love


        1. No, I never got that song. The spam filter might have got it.

          Never mind, I am not a great Elton John fan anyway.

          I hope your health problems perk-up as the weather improves.


  2. Ronnie
    I like some of Elton John’s songs. I wasn’t really referring to him as an artist as much as the beauty of the words and melody of that song. Disney animations came out with Elton John’s version of Can You Feel the Love Tonight also. It is just a simple pretty song. Moves me


    1. By the way, I found some messages in the “comments I’ve made section” where there are messages from people (including you) that I had not read before.
      The WordPress Notifications extension on Google Chrome that used to inform of everything, does not appear to be working too well.

      Anyway, I am back to being very busy, so my blogging activity will have to be kept to a minimum for a while.


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