Last weekend Jolly’s Circus, which uses wild animals in it’s ‘performances’, was forced to cancel a show after only a handful of people showed up to watch. This fantastic news shows that protests are really working!Peaceful demonstrations held by local activists have been vital in ensuring that people are well-informed on this issue and think twice before going to these shows. Others of you have enabled us to produce and print leaflets and posters for these demonstrations by kindly donating to our charity. Can you help us to ensure that they continue by giving to our urgent circus campaign today?

CAPS’ newest campaign, to see an end to the deliberate mutilation of birds in zoos, is gathering momentum fast. Over 1,000 people signed the petition in just over a week and expert support is swelling. We are working hard behind the scenes on the next steps and hope to update you all very soon on progress. In the meantime, we need your help today to expose the extent of the cruel practice of pinioning of birds in zoos. By taking two easy actions today, you can join the Fight for Flight and take us a step closer to stopping this cruelty once and for all.
Step 1: Sign the petition and share widely. People power works – join us in telling the zoo industry and the Government that this practice will not be tolerated!

Step 2: Contact your local zoo and find out if they pinion birds. Let us know what they say by

Thank you for your ongoing support in this important campaign which aims to see an end to the barbaric practice of amputation as a means to hold animals captive.

LizLiz Tyson
Liz Tyson

P.S. Please, share our petition as widely as you can to make our campaign even stronger.

6 thoughts on “Circus forced to cancel show & Fight for Flight gains momentum

  1. Lisa Neumann says:

    Thank you Ronnie and Liz. Just posted to FB and Twitter as well. Knowledge changes the world. xox and blessings to you and your work. Lisa


  2. Thank you for being a voice for these wonderful creatures of creation. It sickens me to the core and I have fought many years for their freedom and ability to live not only free, but free of pain, starvation cruelty and habitat destruction. You have a good heart to do this.


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