5 thoughts on “Friends



  2. Ronnie
    How that breaks my heart! I think there is room in one’s heart for everyone. Your posts always brings curiosity. Can’t explain it, only feel it. have a master level of intuition. LOL. Serious that is true. Sometimes when I write something or you write something it is often in tune with the other’s writings. I am not always that in tune with another except for good reason. Anyway, I liked the poster and words. And they are true which ever way it goes. Still they are somewhat sad to me. Lonely and it makes me want to reach out and make their heart beat more still. That is my nature. Is the images on the poster of people you know or did it come that way? It moves me. I think when one is making strides to overcome and rise above, their past is not the issue, but their present heart and their forward progress. At least for me that is the case.
    Love ya


    1. Ronnie says:

      That is how it came, and it is supposed to be humorous.


      1. Sorry. I guess I just have known people in those situations and it makes me sad for them. I see their pain, sorrow and confusion. We are all different in how we view things. I see much pain for the person.


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