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290102-1366431931-main Target: Secretary of State, Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

Sponsored by: League Against Cruel Sports

Commonly used by gamekeepers to catch foxes, rabbits and stoats, snares are thin wire nooses set to trap wild animals perceived to be a pest or threat.

The indiscriminate nature of snares means that it is not possible to control which animals are caught. As a result, livestock and domestic pets often fall victim to snares and many protected mammals such as badgers and otters have suffered terrible injuries or been killed by snares.

Animals caught in snares suffer huge stress and can sustain horrific injuries. In their desperate bid to escape, they can be disembowelled by the wire, wrench bones out of sockets and even chew through their own limbs.

It has proved to be impossible to regulate the use of snares. In 2012, DEFRA reported that no fox snare operator was compliant with the current Code of Practice guidelines.

Sign this action if you agree that the only way to ensure better welfare is a complete ban on the manufacture, sale and use of snares in England and Wales.

2 thoughts on “Ban Wildlife Snares in England and Wales

  1. As much as it isn’t right to inflict evil for evil, I so wish at times I could set up snares like that for those who do that, and catch them as they suffer pain, fear and endless anxiety as they slowly die.
    That sickens me


    1. “As much as it isn’t right to inflict evil for evil”

      Debatable Yisraela.


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