ACTION ALERT: Wild animal circus ban under threat! 

We have just been informed that the UK Government has received a concerning recommendation from the select committee responsible for scrutinising the recently published draft legislation to ban wild animals in circuses. The advice from the committee is NOT to ban the use of ALL wild animals in circuses, but only ban the use of elephants and big cats. This would leave behind the zebras, camels, racoons, snakes, birds and any other wild animals circuses might wish to use in the future.

There is no difference in the suffering of a lion to that of a zebra. Both come from the plains of Africa, both would travel for miles in search of food on open grasslands, both are social animals who live in groups with family, both nurture and care for their young.

There is no place for animals in the circus, regardless of species.Camel

 For the future of the wild animals still in the big top, we must ensure that Government hold strong in their plans to ban ALL wild animal exploitation in circuses!

EFRA have come to this conclusion despite the fact a public consultation in 2009/2010 which asked the question: “Do you think that there are any species of wild animal which it is acceptable to use in travelling circuses?” came back with a resounding 95.5% of respondents answering “No”.

This was and still is a clear message to Government that the general public want to see an end to the use of ALL wild animals in circuses, as soon as possible!

Email Defra minister, Lord de Mauley. The Government is not bound by the advice of the select committee so please ask him to reject their recommendation and deliver on his promise that all wild animals will be kept out of the circus!

Please don’t delay – this quick and easy action will help to demonstrate that the public want a ban on the exploitation of ALL wild animals in travelling circuses!

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