the-hunger-games-poster-UNOFFICIAL-the-hunger-games-23971291-353-500In the futuristic country of Panem of North America, young Katniss hones her archery skills to supplement her family’s meager meals in

a world where roses are unimaginable, and bread is a commodity so valuable that its arrival is a symbol from the heavens and it can create emotional ties that last a lifetime.

Amidst the impoverished masses dwell a wealthy few who dance beneath crystal chandeliers, turn platinum doorknobs, and embody their excess in elaborate hair, make-up and fashion — one dress is even designed to flame as it twirls.

The elite have invented “The Hunger Games,” a reality show to distract the masses, enthralling them with impoverished contenders picked by lottery to compete to the death — of all but one.

But perhaps these games are not so fictional.

In the last 40 years nearly all of our GDP gains have gone to the top…

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2 thoughts on “American Hunger Games

  1. The movie spoke powerfully to me.


    1. I have only seen excerpts so far. It looks good.


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