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Pet food maker Royal Canin has been strongly criticised by horrified animal rights campaigners after it emerged that it had been sponsoring a bear-baiting contest in Ukraine.

Animal welfare charity Four Paws has video of the contest – and of the trophies branded with the logo of Royal Canin, a subsidiary of multinational food maker Mars.

The video made by the charity shows a brown bear, clearly in distress, tethered by a chain while it is attacked by several dogs as several people watch. Three men pull on the chain to bring the bear back toward the dogs when it tries to get away.

The baiting of the bear continues for several hours, as dogs are set on it at 10 minute intervals. The charity said bears are often dehydrated and underfed, to make them weaker opponents for the dogs.

The bears’ claws are nearly always removed and, because they…

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3 thoughts on “Pet Fodder Giant Royal Canin Sponsored Bear Baiting In Ukraine

  1. This is not only disgusting and deplorable, but I restrain myself from wishing this on those who supported such inhumane behaviors.
    Makes me sick. Glad light was put on this.


    1. Thanks Yisraela. Anyone who supports this behaviour deserves bad things to happen to them.



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