• author: Michael Taylor
  • target: Bernard Esau, The Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources
  • signatures: 29,196

In Namibia one of the cruelest and largest acts of violence against any animal is taking place. Right now terrified seal pups are being rounded up, separated from their mothers, and brutally beaten to death.

From the beginning of July all the way through to November up to 85 000 seals will be slaughtered in Namibia annual seal cull.

And as the only country in the world to allow the killing of nursing pups, the Namibian slaughter is regarded as the world’s cruelest.

It is estimated that there are about 1 million Cape Fur Seals left in the wild. If the cull continues in its current form, unsustainable and without merit, the species will be all but extinct by 2019.

What would be laughable if it was not so cruel is that Cape Cross, one of the locations of this so called “Harvest” is a seal reserve which was established to protect them. But for five long months the resort becomes a killing field. It is closed off, no journalists are allowed in.

From 6am to 9am the clubbing goes on unabated. Only stopping to clean up before the tourists arrive.

Happy feet walk oblivious where blood soaked sand turned the golden sunset red. Children play and laugh where the yelps and cries of terror and pain failed to penetrate and touch those hardened hearts, as they mercilessly bludgeon pup after pup.

A message needs to be sent: We will not stand for this mass extermination.

We will not stand by whilst seals suffer the most horrific, painful and cruel deaths.

These seals need your help. Speak for them, because they cannot speak for themselves.

Link: thepetitionsite.com

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