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Social, gentle, intelligent, and loyal, pigs are highly sensitive animals who enjoy communicating with each other, making nests, and relaxing in the sun. However, PETA has learned that Man Games, an obstacle course competition held across the United States, is hosting “pig wrestling” challenges. These are cruel events during which young, docile animals are frantically chased, grabbed at, and tackled, then roughly crammed into a barrel drum—all while trapped in a pen lined with screaming crowds. Being trucked to and fro and subjected to the inherent noise, violence, and chaos of these events is obviously a terrifying and hazardous ordeal for the pigs, who often sustain severe injuries, such as broken limbs and backs.

PETA has contacted event organizers and asked that they cancel this portion of the competition, but our request has apparently fallen on deaf ears. The next event is scheduled for September 6 and 7…

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