Week of Action for Birds: Day 1!


All this week Fight for Flight supporters like you will be joining the Week of Action to end the mutilation and shooting of birds in UK zoos.

You can take part in today’s action, by signing the Fight for Flight petition to show your support for an end to the barbaric mutilation of birds in zoos in England.

Please also share the petition on your social media feeds and forward to your email lists. Ask your friends to do the same!

To find out what other actions will happening over the week, visit our Week of Action web page.

As well as your online actions other supporters will be holding demonstrations, information stalls, fundraising events and along with our team, some will be jumping from a plane to raise funds! We also have the fantastic Lush supporting the campaign, who will be promoting the Fight for Flight in their three Manchester stores this week! An exciting week ahead for us and the future of the birds we are all fighting for!

Thank you and have a great first day!
Liz Tyson

P.S. If you want to get active in raising funds for the Fight for Flight, why not plan something for Fundraising Friday this week! Check out some ideas here of things you can do. Your efforts will keep the campaign going strong for the birds, so thank you.

5 thoughts on “Fight for Flight

  1. narhvalur says:

    Well, this week I have phoned my local paper and giving them a bashing for their anti Geese articles.


  2. BroadBlogs says:

    Thanks so much for getting people into action.


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