Stop Badger Suffering in the UK

  • author: Judith B.
  • target: Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, UK

Yet another problem has arisen with the controversial badger cull, which has already attracted intense criticism from scientists, animal welfare groups and others for being a complete waste of time.

Using the Freedom of Information Act, an animal welfare group has thwarted attempts from the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs to hide the fact that the culls are not being monitored properly.

It seems only a tiny proportion of the badger shootings will be monitored to ensure they are being carried out as humanely as possible. Only 120 of the 5,000 shootings planned are guaranteed independent observers – just 2.4%.

This is simply not acceptable. If DEFRA insists on going ahead with these useless culls, the very least it can do is ensure they are performed with the minimum of brutality.

Tell DEFRA to get its act together and monitor all the shootings.

Please sign the petition.

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