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This video from Scotland is called Edinburgh CND – Scrap Trident.

By Kate Hudson in Britain:

The only cuts worth making

Thursday 27th February 2014

There’s be no need for ‘austerity‘ if we cut our criminally wasteful military budget, says KATE HUDSON

Every so often the government tries to make out the economy is in recovery. But if we look at the figures we can see this is just another Tory fantasy.

The actual figure for growth in the last quarter of 2013 was 0.7 per cent growth. By any measure that’s a pretty minuscule level of growth.

So is it the green shoots they like to claim?

No. It’s not based on economic regeneration or sustainable development. It’s based on consumption – in other words, spending.

And it’s not us spending more because our wages are increasing or we have new jobs. It’s because people…

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