Myths and facts about rape and sexual assault.

Myth: Most rapes are committed by strangers.
Fact: Most rapes are carried out by somebody you know and trust.

Myth: Rape happens because of the way are you dressed.
Fact: Rape has nothing to do with what you wear. Nobody has the right to have sex with you without your consent.

Myth: People who are drunk are partly to blame for being raped.
Fact: The only person to blame is the person who raped you. Being drunk doesn’t give anyone the right to hurt you.

Myth: Rape doesn’t happen to boys.
Fact: This is not true – boys can also be raped. Rape is sex without consent regardless of whether you are male or female.

Myth: If your boyfriend forces you to have sex, it is not real rape.
Fact: If you have been forced to have sex by anyone, it is rape.

Myth: When it comes to sex, some people say ‘no’; but they really mean ‘yes’.
Fact: No means no but sometimes people may be too frightened to say anything. This doesn’t mean they are consenting to sex.

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