Proven to be cruel and clearly illegal – yet the European Commission continues to take no action.

Enough is enough. For years the Commission has been provided with a wealth of scientific evidence, detailed briefings and formal complaints on the illegality of foie gras production.

The law is simple:

  • Force feeding (which scientific evidence shows causes unnecessary suffering and injury) is incompatible with the Commission’s own regulations which prohibit: “[providing] food or liquid in a manner …which may cause unnecessary suffering or injury”.
  • Individual cages are illegal but many are still in use. What is more, the group cages that are being used to replace them, in many instances, do not comply with the Council of Europe Recommendations for space and bedding.

It is unacceptable for the Commission to prevaricate while tens of millions of animals suffer illegally each year. We need to take this to the top. We’re calling on the Presidents of the Commission and EU Agriculture Council, once and for all, to take urgent action.


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