Right now seals are being killed in the commercial hunt in Canada.

People around the world continue to say “no” to seal products, but the Canadian government stubbornly continues trying to sell these cruel products. They are fighting the European Union ban at the World Trade Organisation and trying to overturn the ban in Russia.

Last year, 88,573 innocent baby seals were reported clubbed or shot – many as young as 21 days old. They were killed for products no one wants or needs. Last year, the sealers admitted dumping 6,000 pelts into the ocean because there were no markets for them.

Seal pups lie defenceless on the ice as hunters approach. But even the fastest pups are no match for men with clubs or rifles. The pups die in agony.

The seal hunt has a long history, but it’s a relic of the past. Rather than determine a plan to help sealers transition out of this failing industry, the Canadian government has thrown away over $50 million in tax dollars since 1996 trying to prop up the industry.

There’s no reason for this merciless slaughter to continue.

The fight to protect seals is more urgent than ever Ask the Canadian government to end commercial sealing.

2 thoughts on “Canada’s Seal Hunt

  1. narhvalur says:

    Sweden’s Governement wants to open Swedish seal hunt as well and socialist MPs want trade in seal products. What is really scary is that Swedish Society for Protection of Animals wants a seal hunt as well ( Svenska Djurskyddsföreningen)


  2. Ronnie says:

    A society to protect animals that wants a seal hunt? Very strange.


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