I used to have a problem getting to sleep after using a computer late at night. I thought it was because of the content I was viewing, causing my brain to be over-stimulated. Even when I used the computer for more relaxing activity, e.g. YouTube relaxation music, it still had the same effect.

The problem was because of the blue light being emitted from the computer screen. Blue lights are used in nightclubs to fool the circadian rhythm into thinking it is still day-time, to keep customers feeling wide awake.

Harvard Health Publications – Blue light has a dark side.

I found a program that solved the problem. It is called f.lux. It adapts the colour of your computer display to the time of day. After I installed f.lux, using a computer late at night no longer affected my sleeping. I have been using f.lux for a few years and I would recommend it to anyone who has difficulty sleeping after night-time computer activity.

Of course, if you have insomnia because of anxiety etc. this program will not solve that.

f.lux download link

9 thoughts on “Problem sleeping after using a computer at night?

  1. BroadBlogs says:

    Ah, that’s the problem. Thanks for letting us know.


    1. Ronnie says:

      It works for me. If you try it, I would like to hear your opinion.


  2. David Woods says:

    Reblogged this on Michael Woods – Theatre Technician and commented:
    An interesting article on the effects of Blue Light, which can keep you awake when your body wants to sleep, and where you can download software to ensure your computer doesn’t keep you awake at night.


  3. I wish to not have to take meds for insomnia for PTSD. My brain could never shut off if I used a computer until late. Too much stimulation. Good advice there Yisraela


    1. Ronnie says:

      If you go to YouTube and type “relaxation” you might find content that will be of interest to you Yisraela.


  4. Genie says:

    Interesting, I find that all rays of one colour light in bulbs are harmful, that’s why I only use full spectrum bulbs. Is there a program that has the computer emit full spectrum light?


    1. Ronnie says:

      Not that I am aware of Genie. However, you can adjust the colour temperature
      of an LCD monitor to suit your personal requirements.


      1. Genie says:

        I’ll check it out and adjust the LCD settings.
        Thanks, Ronnie.


        1. Ronnie says:

          It’s a pleasure.


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