Below is a copy of the email I received from PETA regarding seal-fur imports:

Today, PETA is pleased to report that the World Trade Organization (WTO) upheld a ruling that allows the EU to ban seal-fur imports on moral grounds. This decision is a major win for baby seals, who are shot or bludgeoned to death in front of other terrified seals, and it’s a landmark step toward protecting animals under international trade law. The victory comes on the heels of appeals by EU resident Jude Law and Canada native Pamela Anderson. PETA also got music legends Sarah McLachlan, Joan Jett, and Iggy Pop as well as others to weigh in and request that the WTO hearings be open so that the public could be fully informed on the case.

The whole world is turning its back on seal products—not only EU countries but also the U.S., Mexico, Taiwan, and Russia, which had been importing 95 percent of Canadian seal pelts. Just last month, Canada’s fisheries minister admitted that China has rejected seal meat as a result of pressure from animal rights activists, despite years of effort to create a market there.

We are a giant step closer to the day when violence on Canadian ice floes is a thing of the past. The time has come for the Canadian government to end the commercial slaughter and devise a practical exit strategy via a government buyout.

Thanks for your continued support and for everything that you do to help animals!


Dani Katz
Campaign Manager
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

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