Humane Society International


Historic WTO Ruling Upholds EU Ban on Seal Product Trade

Confirms EU’s right to prohibit trade in products of cruelty to animals.


BRUSSELS—The World Trade Organization has ruled in regards to the Canadian and Norwegian appeal of a 2013 WTO Panel decision in favour of the European Union ban on seal product trade. Joanna Swabe, EU director for Humane Society International, had the following response:

“This is a historic ruling. The WTO Appellate Body has recognised the EU’s right to ban commercial seal product trade. It is also one of the most important developments in the global campaign to protect seals. This decision confirms that the European Union market will remain closed to products of cruel commercial seal slaughters. EU citizens are strongly opposed to the brutal killing of defenceless baby seals for their fur, and we will never participate in this industry by financially supporting it. It is time both the Canadian and Norwegian governments listened to the world community and stopped the commercial seal slaughter forever.”

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