Edgewise: plunging off of the brink of drink and into the love of God

Although I do not have the religious faith that Jana has, I think she is a great writer and a lovely lady. I have been following her blog The Beggar’s Bakery for a long time and I thought I would insert a post to highlight her book.

Below is a description of the book followed by links to purchase or find out more information.

Can a believer in Christ also be an addict or alcoholic? On the edge of active disease and surrender, Jana Greene shares her recovery journey in a collection of raw and honest essays. Somewhere during the process, she let God get a word in edgewise, and plunged into a spiritual awakening that she could not have had any other way. D.T. Niles is famously quoted as having described Christianity as “One beggar telling another beggar where he found bread.” This book is a telling of Jana’s journey to find food for the spirit, and inviting others to follow. “Because,” she says. “When I couldn’t love
myself enough to lift myself up, I crawled to Jesus, and he said, “You look hungry … come to the table!”
Redemption is the best feast ever.

Amazon USA [Paperback]

Amazon UK [Kindle Edition]

Book Depository [Paperback]

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