I feel your arms
wrapped around me so tight,
I feel your body,
snuggled next to mine
in the middle of the night.

I feel your breath
on the back of my neck,
I feel your sweet soft lips,
kiss me with a gentle peck.

I feel, NO! Wait,
I cannot feel,
it is all too real.

I awaken in a panic,
look around and
you aren’t really there.
But I know it was real,
I felt your hands run through
my hair.

I feel something more now,
I must return
to my dream, somehow.
Please, oh please, still be there,
I am coming back, I swear!
This is the only place
I can hold you,
feel you, touch you.

I can’t find you now,
why did you go?
I asked you to stay,
I was on my way.
I must have taken too long.
Where did I go wrong?

I must now put my dreams aside,
Wake up and realize
that you really have died.
I have tried so hard
to hide behind,
all the silent tears
I have cried.

I feel you are still here,
I feel your presence
when you are near.
I feel your loving arms,
holding me while
I dream.

A place I feel safe,
without wanting to scream.
I feel your lips gently touch mine,
as you say good-bye.
I feel my heart breaking
once again,
and I start to cry.

As you fade further away
Into the light ray,
I can hear you say,
“I love you, and we will
meet again, someday.”

© Sandee Foxten visit Sandee Foxten’s site

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