Below is an image of a baby angora rabbit. It is in the space where there should have been a video. The video shows a rabbit having its fur ripped out and it finishes showing a skinned animal who is still alive and who musters the strength to lift her bloody face up to look at the camera. The video is on a PETA petition page urging BCBG Max Azria to stop selling angora wool and fur products.


When I post links to petitions, I never know if anyone who views this blog, actually signs any of them. If just one person signs a petition that I promote, then to me, the post has been worth it. Petitions do have the power to make changes for the better.

I have put a link to the PETA page below. I am aware that most of the followers on this blog are kind and compassionate people, so be warned, you will undoubtedly find the video disturbing to watch.

However, I think it is a video that people should see, so they can understand the cruelty and suffering inflicted on these poor animals. They will then be far more likely to sign the petition.


10 thoughts on “Angora and Fur

  1. Carol says:

    Dear Ronnie… signed and sharing… thank YOU for all you are
    doing… with you for the animals’ liberation. Thanks dear… Carol


    1. Ronnie says:

      Thank you very much Carol.


  2. Dr.Cris says:

    I hate when humans use animals (especially cute rabbits and dogs, and mice)
    for testing… I`m into a personal campaign, trying to find cosmetics & co , that are not tested on animals…


      1. Dr.Cris says:

        I was looking for this….thanks!


  3. Dr.Cris says:

    With angora…i dunno! My opinion is 50% – 50%


    1. Ronnie says:

      50/50 ? – I am surprised. The life of an angora rabbit that has been bred for its fur is pure hell. Perhaps this video might change your mind a little:

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  4. With a desire to do unto others as they do unto these animals that should never live this way. I find it so hard to have compassion on people sometimes. Because of these people, I sign the petition and pray to God alone that He mercifully save His Creation. Those that can’t speak except for their screams. I hope these people or barbaric psychopaths as they are, suffer a fate they leaves them slowly in pain. Agonizing pain.
    Sick sick twisted minds with dark pathetic hearts. In fact no heart at all.


    1. Ronnie says:

      They appear to have a numbness to the emotions that we have.


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