The Asiatic Black Bear, also called the Moon Bear, is held in captivity to harvest bile, a digestive juice stored in the gall bladder. When extracted, the bear’s bile is for sale as an ingredient in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

To facilitate the bile milking process, the bears are kept in extraction cages, also known as crush cages, which allows easy access to the bear’s abdomen while preventing the bear from standing up, or sometimes from moving at all.

Bile is extracted twice a day, and is believed to be very painful as bears often moan, bang their heads and chew their paws. There is an implanted tube in the abdomen, or other methods include pushing a hollow steel stick into the abdomen.

Bile bears suffer from a variety of physical problems which include loss of hair, malnutrition, stunted growth, muscle mass loss, and often have their teeth and claws extracted. When the bears stop producing bile after a few years, they are usually killed for their meat, fur, paws and gall bladders. Bear paws are considered a delicacy, and have been seen priced at $250.

We ask China to stop the cruel practice of bear farming and to send the animals to a sanctuary to be rehabilitated and have a normal life free from torture.

You have the power to create change.

2 thoughts on “Save Moon Bears from Bear Farming Torture

  1. slowaholic says:

    Good message! 😦

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ronnie says:

      Thank you. It is something I feel very strongly about. These poor
      animals live a life of constant torture.


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