Arrest Katie Hopkins For Racist Twitter Remarks: RE Scotland and Ebola


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For years, Katie Hopkins has seemingly gotten away with a string of  controversial statements, either via main stream media or social media, without punishment.

Many of these statements are racist or abusive, and are tantamount to bullying.

Recently, she has attacked the Scottish people on twitter over the Ebola scare in Glasgow, calling them “Sweaty Jocks” and “Sweaty Glaswegians”, before questioning the ability of the Scottish NHS.

Her comments allude to a notion that Scots are not entitled to the correct treatment in London, by saying that “sending us Ebola bombs is just not cricket”.

Our health service is more than capable of dealing with this: however the victim has been sent to London as part of an emergency protocol, the same as ANY British citizen would have been in the event they contract the disease.

This is an absolute insult to a human being who was selflessly trying to aid others who are suffering from this horrible illness. She has given up her time, and potentially put her life on the line, to assist others in a perilous state, and does not deserve to come back to abhorrence like this.

The comments are also hurtful and spiteful to Scots, in a time that the people of Scotland are meant to be assured that they’re “better together” as part of the UK.

It incites racial hatred, and this time should not go unpunished.

As ANY other UK citizen would be arrested for posting racist or abusive messages online, I am calling for the arrest of Katie Hopkins over her twitter remarks.

If we pull together, call for her arrest, and show this person that she cannot get away with such remarks online, we may just shut her up once and for all.

Please sign. Let’s see her get the punishment she deserves for her vile comments.

2 thoughts on “Horrible Racist Woman

  1. parispoems says:

    Amen, I’m American, but with Scottish decent… this is deplorable! I just don’t understand why people behave this way. Attention whores! Disgusting.
    Thanks for the lovely visit!
    Xx Paris

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    1. Ronnie says:

      Thank you Paris. I have seen this woman on the TV and that description fits well.
      Thanks for visiting. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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