2 thoughts on “Anticipation

  1. Genie says:

    That’s interesting, I wonder if it means which potato is going to come out of the ground next, or if it means I wonder when the next homosexual/lesbian is going to come out of the ‘closet’?
    I only wonder about the possible double meaning because the media is full of talk about GBLTQ talk (I think that’s what the abbreviation is).

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    1. Ronnie says:

      😀 HaHa! I was peeling a potato and my mind wandered to the rhyme that we used as children to select who was OUT. One potato, two potatoes, three potatoes, four, five potatoes, six potatoes, seven potatoes more. Whoever got counted the last “more” was OUT.

      Anyway, the thought that went through my mind, was how universal was this rhyme and is it still used nowadays. Turns out it is. I then wondered if there were equivalents in other countries.

      The progress in a child’s development is when they recognise the sequence of the counting and they can anticipate who is going to counted OUT next before it happens.

      I thought I would post something about it (while my potatoes were boiling) without too much information to see what response, if any, that I received.

      Here is a link: One potato, Two potatoes

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