3 thoughts on “Disturbed – The Sound Of Silence

  1. Rebecca Dawn says:

    love Sounds of Silence version of this song♥

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    1. Ronnie says:

      Yes, it’s good. You can’t beat a good crescendo. 🙂


  2. Genie says:

    The video and song combined together display a Judaic theme, that being, the prophets spoken of in the song/poem, are the Jewish prophets, thus the message is a message for Jews; since Jews believe that they are not a part of regular humanity, that they are “God’s chosen people”, thus their prophets speak only on their behalf and for their benefit only.

    “Neon God” is the modern version of the “Golden Calf” that was worshiped by the Jews while Moses was on the mount receiving the 10 commandments.
    As he returned — tablets in hand (commandments), he saw many of the Jews worshiping the “Golden Calf” (Female Deity — The Great Goddess, known by many names and symbolized via the cow — which represents the milk of kindness and compassion), Moses, infuriated — told the Jews to kill everyone who worshiped the “Golden Calf” instead of Yahweh. And they did, they killed their own family, relatives, friends, etc., if they worshiped the “Golden Calf”.
    Which is ironic because the first commandment is: Thou Shalt Not Kill.

    The symbolism of the boat in the video is one of using the boat to represent “Noah’s Ark” wherein the only one’s “saved” (and of course this is exclusive to Jews because no “Gentiles” are a part of the paradigm of Judaic salvation), the Jews who listen to the message within the song/poem are “saved” because they know where the safety is — “Israel”.

    There are two versions within Judaism of the arrival of the “Jewish Messiah”.
    1. The “Jewish Messiah” will be a Jewish man who was prophesied by Moses, Isaiah, etc.
    2. The “Jewish People” will be their own “Messiah” once they gather together under the banner of “Israel” and they will be “A Light Unto All Nations”.

    The boat in the video vanishes into a large ball of light, symbolizing the arrival of the “Jewish People” (Israel first Jews), as arriving to be that “Light Unto All Nations.”

    Thus the second version of the “Jewish Messiah” is the version presented within the video/song.

    The singer is a duel citizen Israeli/American, who belongs to the Hasbara organization called: “Stand With Israel”, and: United With Israel”, etc.


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