2 thoughts on “Austerity

  1. Mél@nie says:

    I couldn’t imagine it’s been sooo bad… 😦 at the same time, I’m not very surprised, as you may know that these past 10-15 years, lots of Brits and Scots have come to France for medical check-ups, treatments, surgeries, etc…

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    1. Ronnie says:

      The Tory Government has been intent on dismantling the National Health Service for a long time. They take financial resources from it and give it to private health companies. They then spout lies about what they are doing to improve the NHS, like we are all stupid.

      Their cruel unnecessary and impractical austerity program has resulted in the deaths of thousands of people particularly the sick, disabled and unemployed.

      They are displacing people and breaking up communities. They are trying to phase out social housing.

      Homelessness continues to grow at an alarming rate as does the use of foodbanks, even for people who are working.

      The rapid increase in child poverty is very disturbing.

      None of this is circumstantial, it is all by design.

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