In 2013, before this blog transformed into Ronnie’s Blog, I wrote about the service I received at a computer repair shop in Bournemouth, called PC Time, which I highly recommended.

I recently had a problem with a desktop computer that had taken a hard knock. Difficulties with the computer did not actually occur until a few days later when I could not get a display on the monitor. The problem was owing to the graphics card (also called a Video Card) being damaged, so I paid a visit to PC Time again.

When I entered the shop in Charminster, the gentleman behind the counter was very patiently explaining to a customer why it was not practical to try to repair her laptop, as she really needed a new one. They do not sell computers at PC Time, but he told the lady if she purchased a new laptop he would transfer all the data from the old one onto the new one for her. The polite advice he gave was not only in the lady’s best interest, but it also demonstrated his honesty.

When I explained the problem with my computer, he then got it to work alright using another existing card in the computer. I had already tried that, but I was unsuccessful. He explained to me the reason it did not work for me.

Although my computer was again working, I asked him to upgrade it with a new graphics card and more RAM memory. I was very pleased with the total price that it cost and I had it home a short time later running better than before it was damaged.

So for anyone who lives in the Bournemouth area that needs any computer repairs done, I have no hesitation in recommending a visit to PC Time.

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