8 thoughts on “CEO of Homeless Charity ‘Humanity Torbay’ Breaks Gagging Order On The Effects of Universal Credit

    1. Ronnie says:

      Thanks for re-blogging.


  1. huguetta says:

    She’s a strong woman I hope she wasn’t harmed for this audacity! And I thought that corruption is only in my country

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    1. Ronnie says:

      There is a smear campaign against her, although I doubt if it has gained any momentum. Someone sent a highly critical comment about her on this post. It is the first time I have disallowed a comment on this blog.

      The reality of what is actually happening in this country is not being reported by the press. Although the UN has denounced the UK Government’s human rights violations, it still continues.

      There was a protest outside the Houses of Parliament where a disabled woman in a wheel-chair said “They are killing us off and nobody is doing anything to stop it!” That is precisely what is happening.

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      1. huguetta says:

        You are right to disallow it, why someone will criticize or attack a speaker of truth! We as small countries (third world probably) always look at these big countries especially the UK as an example for respecting Human Rights and providing a respectful life to their citizens…you can imagine how disappointed I feel, we’re busy with our issues so we don’t usually dig with other countries issues and politics…
        Thank you for the information! Appreciate your reply

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        1. Ronnie says:

          Thank you very much.

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