Password Managers

Good passwords are difficult to remember, the solution is to use a Password Manager. A password manager is software that stores all your passwords in a secure vault and is accessed by a Master password or passphrase. Some browsers save your passwords for you, but this is definitely not a secure method.

A question that is sometimes asked regarding Password Managers is “What if someone gains access to it, they will then have access to all your passwords?”. Ironically the people who are sceptical about password managers are usually the people who have had security issues because they have been using weak passwords.

If you have not already been using a password manager, you will be increasing your security to a much higher level by using one.

There are various types available, but the one I use is called KeePass. I tried various managers in the past and this was my favourite.

When I open a new account online and I have to insert a username and password, I do not need to think of a password because KeePass will generate one for me at whatever length or complexity I choose.

These are examples of the type of passwords I use:

  • M`V>Ud~xtU $_5
  • P|oho|j?gH@m
  • 17CwoZdTDq8!-X
  • nZ\(+n-E5VacbYI@’+qF4W<lt

When I want to log into an account, I click on the link in the manager and then select “Perform Auto-Type” and I am then logged in very quickly and securely without having to remember any passwords except my master password, which I only use at the start of the day. Occasionally I have to copy & paste my username and password separately depending on the site I am logging in to.

You can also use a portable version on a memory stick to use on other computers. It will not leave any trace. KeePass is the most frequently used software I have and it is free. I am not endorsing KeePass; I suggest that you try out a few managers to see which one suits you best.

I always recommend looking at YouTube videos to find out how to set up any new software. For KeePass there are short clips for experienced people and more in-depth tutorials for the less experienced.

KeePass Link

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