The best journalists in the world are the ones who seek and publish the truth, especially when it is detrimental to their own wellbeing.

The audience with a real desire for fact, is the one that does not accept mainstream news as being tangible or honest. The people who stray off the media beaten track to find honest reporting, are rewarded with the truth. It is not always good to hear, but it is the only acceptable information worth listening to.

Some people just want to hear, what they want to hear. It is far more comfortable for them not to have the boat of their belief system rocked, lest they get splashed with the waves of reality.

Some people go through life accepting information that unprincipled people want them to believe. Other people search for truth and believe the unaccountable should be held to account. Whistle-blowers can have their lives ruined for revealing unfavourable practises towards society, but their honour and integrity remains intact.

The people-of-power wage a war of character assassination against those who speak out against corrupt behaviour. The baddies proclaim that they are the goodies. They will comfortably annihilate countless people and maintain that they are righteous.

In the age of information technology, there is a lot of information easily available, but unfortunately it is also convenient for spreading lies and propaganda. The deeper you search for the truth, the more you will find out things you do not like, but you will be far more enlightened. Only the truth matters.

2 thoughts on “Only the Truth Matters

  1. sudrakarma says:

    I always thought that Journalism 101 should be required in high schools so people know the difference between a primary source, a secondary source, anonymous source, technical source, etc… Also the difference between substantiated information and hearsay. They’d be so much better equipped for the avalanche of bullshit we have to put up with these days. But it served some well to keep the populace stupid and broke.

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    1. Ronnie says:

      I agree with you, unfortunately I think the avalanche is growing.

      I think school children in the UK are less gullible to the historical myths that were peddled about the British Empire being a good thing. People of my generation still see it as being honourable as opposed to being destructive and immoral. Once somebody believes something, it is hard to alter their perception.

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