2 thoughts on “Flags

  1. BroadBlogs says:

    What do you make of this?


    1. Ronnie says:

      The right of the picture is symbolic of an egalitarian future. The left is symbolic of British Empire exploitation and conquest. The young girl is standing tall and proud for Scottish Independence. 83% of young Scots want independence. Although there has been an increase in the number of people in Scotland wanting independence since Brexit, there has been a significant increase in women who want it. Partly, I imagine due to Nicola Sturgeon, but also due to every time Boris Johnson opens his lying mouth.

      The UK is not a functioning democracy, Scotland hasn’t voted Tory in over half a century, yet 70% of Scotland’s revenues and 40% of its spending are controlled by Westminster. There is currently a power-grab of the UK’s devolved Celtic nations happening. This was part of the Brexit plan.

      Scotland is not anti-English; it is against being ruled by an English Tory Government. The current UK government is openly corrupt, but it is supported by the main stream media and the BBC which is very much against Scottish Independence. The amount of lies and fake news on the internet regarding Scottish Independence has greatly increased recently.

      The common myth that Scotland is dependent on England has not been wheeled out for a while, but it is something that is generally believed in England. Scotland puts a great deal more into the Treasury in London than it gets out.

      “When an opponent of independence claims that Scotland can’t afford to become independent, they are in fact admitting that the economic policies of the UK have impoverished Scotland. They are arguing that the way in which the British state has failed the people of Scotland means that Scotland must continue to depend on the state that has failed us. That nonsensical view is given huge amounts of airtime, its fundamental illogicality is almost never pointed out in a Scottish media which is overwhelmingly opposed to independence.”

      George Monbiot expertly explains why Scotland should be Independent:


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