Late morning.

After coffee and a shower, we decided to go to the beach and have breakfast there. On the way, we stopped off at your place so you could get some suitable clothes for the beach. When we went to the café on the beach the food was good, the view was good and the way you tossed your hair back slightly when you laughed, was mesmerising.

We were oblivious to the waitress at first when she came to clear the table, but we burst out laughing we she asked if we were on our honeymoon. I asked her why she said that, and she said “You have hardly taken your eyes off each other, even when you were eating.” We burst out laughing again.

As soon as we went outside, we started kissing, until someone shouted “Get a room!” and we burst out laughing, again. We were doing that a lot. It was great. No, it was better than great, it was the most wonderful feeling in the world.



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