Bruno Catalano Sculpture


Bruno Catalano believes that emigrants and travellers leave a part of themselves behind that they have to forget, but yet it is always connected to them.


Anybody who has left home to go in search of a new life, may have experienced a mix of emotions from optimism and pessimism to trepidation. When someone leaves home to go in search of employment, they are quite commonly short of funds and they are trying to start afresh on an empty stomach.

This can be a very challenging experience, especially for someone who has been affected by racism, but I think when a young person goes through this, it is like a rite of passage that stays with them throughout their life. They know that if for any reason they lose everything, they have the ability to survive and start all over again.

People who have struggled tend to be more appreciative of what they have and also have a greater grasp of what contentment really is.

Life can be like a game of Snakes and Ladders, one minute you are near the top and the next, you are back to Square One.


2 thoughts on “The Travellers

  1. sislandgirl says:

    So True Ronnie.

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