Sunday night.

We had been for a walk along the cliff top, in the warm evening summer breeze. The moon’s reflection shone on the sea. We sat on a bench seat, cheek to cheek, for a long time without speaking. We did not need to speak; it was as if we were tuned into each other’s thoughts as we looked out to sea. We were in harmony. We were one.

She thought it would be better if she went back to her place that night, as she had go to work in the morning. Although I did not want her to leave, I understood that it made sense from a practical point of view. We had gone back to my place, because she needed to pick up a couple of things, and as she was leaving, I said goodbye. Then without any conscious control over my mouth, the words “I love you,” just appeared, as if by magic. She did not reply, she just kissed me and left.

I was left feeling a bit uncomfortable, a bit embarrassed and a bit mystified, partly because of what I had said and partly because she did not reply. I was feeling bad, because I had just put her in an awkward situation. After all the happiness that I had experienced with her, I was starting to go into a downer.

I was still admonishing myself when there was a knock at the door. When I opened it, a million negative thoughts went through my mind in one second. She said “I love you.” We held each other tightly for a long time, like a couple of limpets in a rock pool.



3 thoughts on “Stay With Me – Part 4

  1. A beautiful story…

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    1. Ronnie says:

      Thank you very much.

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