We wandered around the edge of the lake until we found an idyllic spot to settle down in the sunlight. The wild flowers of Spring surrounded us as we watched swans gliding slowly across the glistening water. There were numerous birds singing in background, it was as if they were singing for us.

There were people in the distance walking along the edge of the lake, but they were of no significance, because the world belonged to us. The most important thing in our life was each other. She said there was something she had been wanting to tell me, but decided to wait until she was sure. She told me she was pregnant. It was as if she was studying my face to gauge my reaction, as I was having a “lost for words” moment.

I probably held her tighter than ever before, as all the bird sounds seemed to turn into a symphony. I wanted to sing and dance and shout out to the world how happy I was.



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