After prolonged periods of heavy drinking, both the physical and mental health of anyone who over indulges is not very good. There are some people who need detoxification, many people do not. Their self-confidence and self-esteem will usually be very low. There is a lot of healing to be done.

People who transition from alcoholism to sobriety do not just get a lot of praise, they get a great amount of respect, and they deserve it. Total abstinence is not a goal that everyone can achieve. It requires a lot of effort. Some days will be good, other days will be difficult. An alcoholic in recovery can never have too much encouragement, it is a necessity.

There is a paradox in relation to stopping drinking, although alcohol is a selfish drug, a recovering alcoholic needs to be selfish. To be successful in the endeavour for complete sobriety, everything has to be about their sobriety in the early days. Without sobriety, they will have nothing.

Some people think that after an alcoholic has stopped drinking for a while, they will be alright to have “one or two”. It would never be just a couple. The effort that is put into combatting alcoholism, is well worth it for someone to get their life back.

The reasons I decided to write these posts, is because there is great deal of misunderstanding about alcoholism. Also, if just one person who has been experiencing problems with alcohol, is encouraged by any of these posts to seek help, then that is good.

Sobriety is an attractive quality to possess.



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