Arnesa Buljušmić-Kustura



Genocide researcher, expert, & lecturer | Communications Director | Social Critic | Writer | Author of “Letters from Diaspora” | Child of war and genocide.


My daughter got a platinum jubilee book about the Queen, she also got a nice mug with the Queen’s face on it. The book was sent to all kids in the UK and it cost 12 million pounds to do that. Some of her classmates only get to eat during the free school lunch they get.

Some of her classmates share their bedroom with 3 other kids, their 2-bedroom apartment with parents, grandparents, siblings too and sometimes a cousin or two. Because they cannot afford to not share a home with that many people.

Some of her classmates couldn’t go on an upcoming school trip so we covered their fees. Some of her classmates come to school in worn out uniforms because their parents cannot afford to buy them new ones. Some of her classmates’ parents work multiple jobs to survive.

But hey…the 12-million-pounds book was a special memory they’ll never forget…while they barely survive.

I also have to say…it doesn’t come easy to me either as we are struggling to pay for our extortionate visa fees in order to stay in the country, while we struggle with the rising cost of living, and as we continue to pay double tax, double NHS surcharges. But hey…nice book!

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