“Why are England’s water companies pumping out a tide of sewage? Because they can”



“In England’s green and pleasant land”, raw sewage is being pumped into the rivers and the sea.

Tory MPs voted to allow raw sewage to be pumped into England’s waterways

The privatised water companies’ profits have increased since they have been dumping untreated sewage into the waterways in England. They pay out billions of pounds to shareholders, instead of investing in the infrastructure that the system needs.

Private water companies exist to make profits, not provide vital public services.


In 2012 the EU Commission took the UK Government to the European Court of Justice for allowing water companies to dump sewage into rivers.

Since BREXIT, the EU regulations for keeping rivers and beaches clean, no longer exist in the UK.



It is not just the sewage that stinks, it is the politics and greed behind it.


Twitter: MPs named and shamed

5 thoughts on “Raw Sewage

  1. They do the same in New York City. It is abysmal and infuriating. Keep sounding the alarm.

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    1. Ronnie says:

      It’s as if they are determined to push people to breaking point. Fortunately, Scotland does not have the same problem, because Scottish water has not been privatised.

      Unfortunately, consistent pollution of the coastline in any country eventually spreads to surrounding areas.
      A group of French politicians have accused the UK government of allowing the English Channel and North Sea to become “dumping grounds” for sewage.


  2. Huguette says:

    I thought it’s only in the third world countries like ours! One thing is for sure politicians and government are way dirtier than all the sewage of the world combined.

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    1. Ronnie says:

      Politicians generally, are not the most suited people to run a country, by the very nature of their character and there reasons for wanting to be in power. The current UK government is the worst that we have ever had. Since leaving the EU, we are classed as a “Third Country”.

      Other countries increasingly look at us with disdain. We have lost respect, because our politicians fail to stick to agreements. Although I have never been a fan of the Conservative Party, there was a certain degree of honour in the past. Now, they have no qualms about breaking the Ministerial Code. No honour and no respect. They do not serve the people; they only help themselves.

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      1. Huguette says:

        I feel you’re speaking about us actually 😕 it’s too bad really how they ruined our countries and yet they refuse to stop. It’s a very bad era we are living in.

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