7 thoughts on “Her Choice

  1. inavukic says:

    But! Is it her body and only her body once she conceives!? I believe not, at that point that body aso becomes a home albeit temporary to a whole new human being in emerging to the world!

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    1. Ronnie says:

      It is up to the individual woman to make that choice; her reproductive system should be immune to other people’s beliefs.

      There are various reasons why women choose to have an abortion and usually it is a very difficult decision for them to make. When doctors decide it is better to terminate a pregnancy, but that decision is taken away from them and their patient, and put into the hands of lawyers, that is deplorable.

      When a woman decides to terminate a pregnancy, there are many reasons, but the best interests of the unborn child are usually primary. If she thinks she is not in a position to give a child the best chances in life, for whatever reasons, she knows best and her decision should be respected.

      Politicians don’t care if a child has a happy life or not. I live in a very rich country, where at this very moment, children are suffering because they are hungry, or do not have a decent home to live in.

      Anti-abortionists often have a belief system based on whatever their religion is, even if they do not actively practise that religion. Once a child is born, like the politicians, they bear no responsibility to the wellbeing of the child.

      Numerous religions that have been created by men, not God, have been hugely successful in controlling the masses, particularly women. Controlling a woman’s reproductive rights is completely unacceptable as far as I am concerned. I also consider it unacceptable to push specific religious beliefs onto anyone of a different religion, or who is not religious.

      Whatever action any woman decides to take in relation to her body, that is up to her. In a world full of suffering children, nobody has the right to play judge and jury by enforcing their opinions and beliefs on someone else. It is not other people who are taking care of the child.

      There are far too many people in this world deciding what’s best for other people. I could write a long list of good reasons why abortion is the most sensible action to take, based on medical and moral grounds, but I won’t. I am not promoting abortion, merely defending the human rights of women.

      Every woman should have complete autonomy in regards to her body, they are already subdued in various ways all round the world as it is.

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      1. inavukic says:

        Thanks Ronnie, I am not against abortion per se, but I am convinced that women should not be going around the world telling it that it is their body because once a conception occurs that body has another body inside it albeit undeveloped. So, instead of going about like that they should be lobbying for termination that include the reasons yu are mentioning. I accept them all and think them reasonable.

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        1. Ronnie says:

          Thanks Ina, your beliefs are reflective of the Catholic Church.

          I became very aware at a young age, the destructiveness of Roman Catholic doctrine. A system that is designed to increase the size of their flock, no matter how much people suffer, because religious ideology is more important than suffering. I have witnessed increased poverty in struggling families, due to their faith prohibiting them using contraception.

          In Ireland and Scotland, the suffering of young pregnant women in the past has been horrific, because of the Catholic Church. In Africa nuns were instructed to burn boxes of condoms that had been donated to help curb the spread of HIV/AIDS, because they were told that condoms didn’t help stop the virus.

          “European colonisers imported their versions of Christian patriarchy to their African colonies. Catholic France even passed a 1920 law forbidding promotion of contraception, both in France and in its colonies, in a bid to increase the population from which it could draw soldiers. In Francophone Africa, this law was not repealed until long after independence – in some cases in the 1990s.”

          In January 2022, Pope Francis accused people who have pets, but one or no children of selfishness.

          “The Catholic Church is unique among other religions in maintaining a prohibition on “artificial” (modern) contraception. The Church teaches that the purpose of sex is always procreation, so whether or not natural contraception (such as the rhythm method) is effective at preventing pregnancy is irrelevant.”

          It is the choice of people whether to have children or not, it is not his choice. The obvious starting point to enforce the regime of increasing the flock size starts at the point of conception.

          When I was growing up, I was taught that making love was a beautiful and wonderful thing. My catholic friends were being told it was sinful and were made to feel guilty for enjoying any sexual activity. It is like being told “don’t dare enjoy yourself and be happy, you were born to suffer”. I have respect for people who are religious, but I am highly intolerant of any dogma that is not conducive to the wellbeing of my fellow humans.

          Religions suppress people, and most religions are patriarchal intuitions, but with the rise of feminism they do not have the same influence or control that they once had. I abhor men wanting to have control over women’s reproductive rights.

          Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs, but when they have a belief system that is a result of religious or political indoctrination, it is difficult to alter that belief. I am not constrained by any religious shackles, and I view the world in a moralistic and humanitarian way, unlike institutions that want to control people.

          Of course, it would be unfair and unkind of me not to acknowledge all the good benefits that people of various religious persuasions do around the world. They are admirable and deserve praise. Their aim is to help people, not control them.



          1. inavukic says:

            Totally agree with you on the Catholic, or any other Church, and its repilsive and oppressive and controlling practices and views, however, I for one am not affected by them as I do not follow the rituals of the Church etc. What I am saying goes for any religion as well as for those who have none: conception is an event that deserves its own rights. We can argue until the cows come home about this point but I will continue my side: if there is no medical reason for termination of pregnancy (either mother or child) I find it difficult to accept that we should willy nilly be deciding whether someone, residing in our body until developed to live in this open world, should be born or not! Cheers and thanks!

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            1. Ronnie says:

              Ultimately, it is a question of freedom. Women should have the freedom to make whatever they think is the best decision, without any interference from anyone who thinks differently. Anyone who disagrees, is enforcing their will upon them. Anti-abortion laws are oppressive and harmful to women. Any circumstance where a child is disadvantaged from the start in life, is cruel and benefits no one.

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  2. inavukic says:

    Totally agree, those are the circumstances included in my reasons for abortion


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