Image Source Credit: Humane Society for Hamilton County (Indiana)/Facebook


The poignant image is of Ritter, a dog in Indiana. The dog was separated from his family because of unfortunate circumstances. The effect on any dog that is abandoned, for whatever reason, can be devastating.

Although Christmas is a common time for people to get a dog, it is not just this time of the year that results in dogs being abandoned after a short while, it happens at other times of the year as well.

Getting a puppy is similar to having a baby, in a sense that they have to be cared for, a lot, and are very time-consuming. You have to make changes in your life to cater for your dog’s needs. Many people do not realise the amount of time and effort that is needed, or the commitment that is required. This often means that they are ill-prepared and cannot cope with the demanding position that they find themselves in.

Be loyal to your dog and you will be rewarded with unconditional love.


A dog is for love, not a passing whim.


8 thoughts on “A dog

  1. Great message to put out there!!

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    1. Ronnie says:

      Sometimes I am compelled to create a post because of the effect an image has on me. This particular image had a strong effect on me, Fortunately, there was a happy ending for Ritter, who was adopted by a nice lady called Sophie Spenia.

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  2. Pit bulls can be especially hard to move out of a shelter. They are among
    the sweetest dogs, very focused on getting human attention, but people are understandably afraid of them. So, it’s just very hard to adopt them out. At a will-kill facility, they will slowly accumulate spaces until the staff are forced to thin them out. It’s heartbreaking.

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    1. Ronnie says:

      I suppose if a dog’s previous background has been questionable, people could be a bit reluctant to adopt, more so with a breed like a pit bull, in case it becomes aggressive. People who get a particular breed, because they want to portray a macho image, may well instil bad habits into the nicest of dogs.

      Fortunately for Ritter, the staff at the shelter found someone to adopt him. The picture of him looking so sad, just melted me.

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  3. Huguette says:

    What a sad image, I mean the sadness is all over his face! Dogs like babies indeed and many people at least here in my country, own them because it’s cool or a trend
    During Covid and also the economic crise, you could see pets in the streets and mostly dogs, neglected and thrown away because their owners can’t afford to have them anymore. It’s a disaster really and the humans are really cruel.

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    1. Ronnie says:

      Whether it is a baby or a pet, it is taking responsibility of a life. Their wellbeing is in the hands of whoever is taking care them. If humans had the same loyalty as dogs, there would not be any strays.

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      1. Huguette says:

        not only strays, no hurt and lies and pain, etc…But if only!

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        1. Ronnie says:

          Humans are not fully developed yet.

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