You floated into my life
On a gentle breeze
And caressed my soul,
I hoped you would never leave.

You took me to places
High up in the clouds,
I wanted it to last forever
And never come down.

When I awoke in the morning
You looked so beautiful as you slept,
A whole day ahead with you,
I was so happy that we had met.

Every day would be glowing
With plenty of sunshine above,
As we danced the dance
Of the Young And In Love.

Life is never a straight road
And there is no sun without rain,
It would not be long before
My happiness turned to pain.

When the speeding car hit you
On the corner of the bend,
I knew that everything we had
Without any doubt, could only end.

Many moons have waxed and waned
And the tides still wash up on the shore,
Life continues, although a bit differently,
There is no option but to carry on as before.


Those that you have loved never completely leave you; they live on in your heart and soul forever.

UK Day of Action! Tell Thomas Cook to Stop Promoting SeaWorld

The Thomas Cook Group continues to sell tickets to SeaWorld, despite being fully aware of the company’s cruel treatment of animals for profit.

On Saturday, 9 September, PETA will coordinate a national day of action, with events held across the UK.

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The settlers landed on the faraway planet of Yeonizfaox.

They proceeded to enforce their religion on the inhabitants.

“But we have always managed to survive without worshipping anyone.”

“You have to worship our god before you can become civilised.”

“But we have always lived in peace and harmony.”

More settlers arrived.

“Forget that god, ours is much better than that, our god is the one true god. Our god will save you.”

Eventually the people of Yeonizfaox were overrun and displaced by the incomers and their new way of doing things.

There was no longer peace and harmony on Yeonizfaox.

There was a new way of living, it was called war.

“When men are oppressed, it’s a tragedy. When women are oppressed, it’s tradition.”
Letty Cottin Pogrebin



Mhairi Black MP: “Tories, it’s your job to fix WASPI scandal”



Women Against State Pension Inequality

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