She lived a life of solitude
She lived a life in vain
She lived a life in which there was
A strong ongoing pain
She had no friends on which to lean
And cry her problems to
She had no friends to give her love
And hope and kindness too
She thought about it day and night
She lay upon her bed
Her mind made up she grabbed a gun
And put it to her head
Just then a ring came from the phone
She pulled the gun away
Her mom was on the other end
And just wanted to say
“Happy birthday my, dear girl.
Today is just for you.
I care for you with all my heart,
I hope you know that’s true.”
These words ran through her mind so much
The gun was down for good
She changed her mind about her life
And then she changed her mood
She thought about this special day
And what her mom had said
The gift her mom gave her that day
Was the gift of life, again.

When the clock approaches 12
And I am all alone waiting
For the sound of the bell
And you walk right in to my arms
Teasing pleasing and resplendent,
Kissing holding touching moaning
Pleasing smiling and promising,
Another year of your magical spell


After I created an image to use in a New Year post, I thought I would write a short poem, prose or something along the lines of how New Year is the epitome of optimism. However, it did not turn out the way I intended, but I decided to post it anyway.


New Year is a time for optimism. It is a good time for new beginnings with hope in your heart. For some it is not, because they are devoid of hope. Their souls are empty because they have become homeless. There are many people who are in employment who have to use food banks. Working AND hungry are not words that should be in the same sentence.

For some of those in other parts of the world, there is no end to the anguish of having been displaced from their country. Refugee’s from countries where war has been thrust upon them do not have much say in the direction their lives are headed.

As I write this, my hierarchy of needs are relatively well catered for, but I am aware the dice can tumble in the wrong direction and land badly for anyone at any time, so I am grateful for being in the position I am in.

I will always remember the Welshman that I met 18 years ago who was living on the streets in Bournemouth. He was sitting on the wet pavement and politely asked me if I could spare any money. I stopped to talk to him and he explained the reason for his current predicament was because he had left home searching for work and his funds were completely depleted.

I could relate to his story and empathise with him, because I left Scotland when I was a young man in search of work. He went on to explain that people think he is either an alcoholic or a drug addict because he is homeless and asking strangers for money. He was just a man trying his best to get on in life.

When I see someone who is homeless I am aware that they have had better times, but I am also aware that the downward spiral they are on will get worse unless their basic needs are met. Often there is no recovering from losing your job and your home.

2,627 homeless people have died on the streets of England and Wales in the last 5 years. It is a trend that will continue to increase.

Whether it is people suffering on the street in the UK or refugees in other countries going through hell, the one common factor in it all, it is the mega-rich pulling the strings in the background that are responsible.

It don’t come cheap
When they look like that
So hard to keep
When they move so fast
Soon you’ll find
It’s all for the best
Put the past behind
And the hurt to rest

But first you cry
Then you sigh
Somebody lied
And you can’t run and hide
Don’t be so sad
It ain’t so bad
You’ll get by
But first you cry

Candy Mountains
Streets of Gold
Oh the promises
How they just turn cold
Till the sun will shine
There will be warmer days
You’ll be feeling fine
If you just walk away

But first you cry
Then you sigh
Somebody lied
And you can’t run and hide
Don’t be so sad
It ain’t so bad
You’ll get by
But first you cry

Don’t look back
There’s nothing to gain
There’s no happiness
Without a little rain

But first you cry
Then you sigh
Somebody lied
And you can’t run and hide
Don’t be so sad
It ain’t so bad
You’ll get by
But first you cry
But you’ll get by
But first you cry

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