In a thousand kisses
There is one that lives on,
The cherished moment
Neither dies nor fades.

In a thousand kisses there is one where the cherished moment lives on. It never dies nor fades; its recollection is banked in a secure vault.

You can take it out for a while whenever you want, but you must always put it back for safe keeping, for it is unique and priceless.

Look after it lovingly and it will always be there to give you a sweet moment on a cloudy day.

I have changed the link at the bottom of the page for The Captive Animals’ Protection Society (CAPS) because it is now Freedom for Animals.

Freedom for Animals began as the Captive Animals’ Protection Society in 1957 and is one of the UK’s longest-running charities working to protect animals.

Wikipedia link:  Captive Animals Protection Society

They believe all animals should live free from exploitation, harm and captivity, which is something I very strongly believe in.



Freedom for Animals


You said I did not give all of me to you.
You were right; I kept some of me in reserve.
The reserve was an island to escape to in the event of separation.
I made the mistake of relenting and giving you all of me.

When the hurt of separation came, it thundered down upon me
With a twisting pain that permeated through my whole being.
I had given up my island of reserve and my parachute to safety.
There was nowhere to escape to; your betrayal cut my soul the core.

A love that knew no bounds was now obliterated
And like fine dust particles from broken glass,
They were blown away by the wind,
Never to be seen again.

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