A Request for Action to Support Standing Rock Water Protectors

October 28, 2016

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Carol A. Hand

My heart is heavy with the news coming from Standing Rock, ND today. It’s led me to do something I rarely do. I’m posting a request for the help of all of those who follow this blog. For the sake of the health of our earth and future generations, I ask you to consider voicing your concerns about the situation in Standing Rock, ND.

The voice of the Protectors:

Standing Rock Update and Indigenous Call to Action – Bioneers 2016

An example of the mainstream media portrayals:

Dakota Access Pipeline Standoff Lapses Into Violence (Huffington Post)

Consider contacting the White House today at 202-456-1111 or sending a message to whitehouse.gov/contact. Ask President Obama to support the peaceful Water Protectors and act on behalf of the 17 million Americans who depend on the Missouri River for their clean water. Ask him to honor treaties and…

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In a climate of unrepentant cuts and increasing poverty, bureaucracy and discrimination for benefit claimants, one group of individuals are seemingly unscathed recipients of growing welfare payments: landlords. In the decade up to 2012/13 housing benefit payments doubled from £12bn to £24bn currently reaching the bloated heights of over £25bn. How has this area of…


October 22, 2014


This time the culprit is BURBERRY, a well-known brand in the world of fashion.

BURBERRY is an international company.

However, behind Burberry’s traditional image trademark of “check design clothing” is an increasing number of items made from real animal fur.

We must keep up the pressure on these shops. Here are two petitions that can be signed.



Kimi zal sterven voor Burberry! #savekimi

Here is the link to CAFT’s UK campaign against Burberry.


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Originally posted on Pride's Purge:
(not satire -it’s the UK today) The amount of taxpayers’ money which the UK government has handed over to private company SERCO for privatised services has been seriously underestimated by commentators. It’s hard to find out the total amount of money Cameron’s government has dished out to SERCO because…

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