I parked in the ground floor of a car park today where there was an area that was blocked off with high fencing barriers. I remembered seeing a group of homeless people, at the same spot about six months ago. I assume the barricades are there to prevent people without a home from sleeping there. The problem does not get fixed, it gets moved on.


Some years ago I noticed that sheltered bus stops had a narrow angled slat for “support” instead of a bench to sit on. I thought this was strange and I never understood why until I read about Hostile Architecture, also known as Unpleasant Design, which seems to have been adopted by quite a few countries.

Hostile Architecture includes spikes in shop doorways to prevent people lying down. Although Hostile Architecture has other reasons for its design, I am only focusing on the purpose of stopping someone, who has the great misfortune of not having anywhere to sleep, from lying down.

It reminds me of a TV documentary I watched about Nazi collaborators, which showed cells with strips of wood on the floor with barbed wire fixed to the surface. It was to stop the prisoners sleeping.

There are many reasons why people become homeless. There are not so many reasons why people cannot find somewhere to live. In the UK, homelessness is a political choice made by the UK government, the number of homeless people has doubled since 2010.

The common goal shared by the various types of Hostile Architecture is to exert some kind of social control in public or publicly-accessible private spaces. They are intended to target, frustrate and deter people, particularly those who fall within unwanted demographics.

Homelessness is a societal problem and it will never be fixed by Hostile Architecture.

Never look down on someone unless you are helping them up.



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Come to me when the night is lonely
And dream of faraway places
Where teardrops dry in the sun.
Allow the cool gentle breeze of twilight time
To penetrate the corners of your mind
And blow away bad memories forever.
Then you can become free from
The dark lingering clouds of sadness
That prevents you from living your life,
With the true happiness
That you so rightly deserve.

Keep moving on towards what you really want and I will be there waiting for you.


I believe that no person with integrity could support the fur industry in any way. However, numerous people are unaware of the horrific facts of the fur trade. My intention, therefore, is to present the facts of the fur trade so that people can make an informed moral choice about fur items.

Individuals with integrity consistently have strong moral principles. They are honest and their values concord with their words and actions, even in the face of conflict. To make moral choices, people need to be able to connect to all their emotions, pleasant and unpleasant. This is not easy and to avoid uncomfortable feelings people use various psychological defences to deny, avoid or minimise the reality of a bad situation.

Regarding animals, certain people deny that animals are sentient and therefore can suffer. These people might even argue that animals are put on earth solely for the benefit of humans. They…

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We were young, so was the night,
We were looking for fun and ladies bright.
We went for a drink and had a few,
Then went to the dancing, there was a queue.

We met two nice ladies who were on holiday.
We joined up with them and danced the night away.
They invited as back to their apartment near the shore,
We kissed and talked and kissed some more.

When the dawn came we all felt good,
We listened to music on the radio, still in a good mood.
On the news it said a famous rock star had died,
We found it hard to believe and thought they had lied.

As we walked along the shore road heading for home
This was our first experience of denial and accepting what had gone.
It was true that our beloved rock star had prematurely departed.
But it was cushioned by the feelings of a new relationship started.

Many years later we spoke about that night,
Fondly remembering and cherishing our delight.
Sometimes romantic events are easier to remember,
When they coincide with historical events on the calendar.

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