National Day of Action Saturday 8 December


TUI formerly known as Thomson Holidays continues to sell tickets to SeaWorld, despite being fully aware of the company’s cruel treatment of animals for profit.

Major travel providers including the UK’s biggest, Thomas Cook, have severed ties with the cruel marine park following dedicated PETA efforts.

Link to web page including links on how to get involved:

UK day of action – tell TUI to stop supporting orca abuse.


Bournemouth TUI Holiday Store
361 Wimborne Rd,
Bournemouth BH9 2AD
Phone: 01202 536118

There is a particular detachment from the plight of people who live in countries far away from me that I have experienced. I suppose it is partly to shield myself from the sadness of it all, and also accepting there is nothing I can do about innocent civilians being bombed.

I met a delightful young lady once who was a student in Bournemouth, but she came from Syria. After the war in Syria started I remembered the young lady and wondered if she had gone back home and was caught up in the war. I no longer had the detachment; I had an undeniable awareness of the reality of the suffering in a country far from where I lived.

People suffer and die through the actions of the rich and powerful who make gains from wars without any qualms, empathy or remorse. Similarly there are people suffering and dying in this country because of the ruthless policies of the Government.

When I saw the picture of the Yemini girl Amal Hussain, a 7 year old child who died of starvation because her country is famine stricken due to it being war ravaged, I did not feel detached. The country I live in is where the bombs come from. The UK Government is complicit in crimes against humanity by supplying arms to Saudi Arabia to use in Yemen.

There isn’t anything I can do about it apart from asking you to sign a petition requesting the UK Government to stop selling weapons to Saudi Arabia and contributing to mass killings.

Maybe signing the petition won’t help, but it will not harm either.

Petition link:


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