The iconic Scottish band Runrig, which formed in 1973 in Skye, will be playing their final concert in Stirling next Saturday.

All good things must come to an end.


Hearts of Olden Glory

There’s thunder clouds
Round the hometown bay
As I walk out
In the rain
Through the sepia showers
And the photoflood days

I caught a fleeting glimpse
Of life
And though the water’s
Black as night
The colours of Scotland
Leave you young inside

There must be a place
Under the sun
Where hearts of olden glory
Grow young

There’s a vision
Coming soon
Through the faith
That cleans your wound
Hearts of olden glory
Will be renewed

Down the lens
Where the headlands stand
I feel a healing
Through this land
A cross for a people
Like wind through your hands

There must be a place
Under the sun
Where hearts of olden glory
Grow young

Recently I wanted to donate an old car to charity and when I looked online I selected CharityCar who made the whole process very easy

With CharityCar all you have to do is pick a charity to donate it to and choose between dropping your car off and having it collected.

The categories of charities include:

  • Children
  • Environment & Animals
  • Health
  • International Aid
  • Rescue
  • Welfare

Your chosen charity will receive 100% of the market value.

One of the scourges of the world that I abhor is bullying, especially when it affects children. Very often a child can suffer without the parents being aware of what is actually happening to their child. It is the same online as it is in the playground.

GetSafeOnline (there is a permanent link at the foot of the page) has a section dedicated to giving advice on keeping children of different age groups safe from potential dangers such as cyber-bullying and cyber-stalking. If you are a parent it may be beneficial to you to read the advice on offer.

Safeguarding Children

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