The Climb


by Emma Nurton

Climbing up a mountain,
Pulling yourself higher and higher.
Out of the pit of misery.
Things seem to look brighter.
Grass is growing, Birds are singing,
And the sun emerges from the clouds.
Then you start to slip,
To lose your grasp,
And down you fall.
Not quite to the bottom,
Just teetering on a ledge,
Could you go over at any moment

Have you the strength to climb again?
The pain of your cut soul
Burns like a fire,
The anger, hurt and frustration
Come flooding back into your mind.
The fight for survival starts again.
Overcome the fear,
Search for the holds,
Rely on the support from before.
I know it’s going to be difficult,
But you did it once,
You can do it again.
Remember, you’re not the only one –
Out there are other climbers
Fighting their own battles,
Searching their own soul
And conquering their own

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