6 thoughts on “War

  1. Yea isn’t that pathetic


  2. Genie says:

    I was not popular this Remembrance Day, because I blamed the bankers and war profiteers for all the carnage and destruction.
    My heart is moved by the sacrifes people have given to protect others in these wars, it’s just so sad that it is all due to bankers.
    Reminds me if a poem that I wrote:


    I hear the voice of my ancestors
    Call out my name, saying,
    O noble one, head held high,
    Colour of blood on your chest
    Which massive war
    Have you seen,
    That was not fomented and
    Funded by bankers?

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    1. Ronnie says:

      It is good that you stand up and voice your feelings, but it may be more prudent to pick another place at another time to make your point. When people are in an emotional setting they are blinkered and reluctant to listen to logical reason. They want to hear, what they want to hear. They deal with the effect, not the cause.

      Great poem Genie. “The depth of the quality…” 🙂

      Have you seen this? ZERO

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      1. Genie says:

        Too true, I need to be more tactful on Remembrance Day.
        But at least I didn’t get myself arrested! like a woman did who a few years ago who left a wreath at the grave of the unknown soldier with a banner that said: In Remembrance of All the Women who were Raped by Solders during Wars.”

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        1. Ronnie says:

          That is quite an appropriate banner.

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