5 thoughts on “Injustice

  1. Helena says:

    Here’s the dilemma. While we acknowledge there hasn’t been a ‘good’ candidate in politics across the world in decades, it doesn’t change the fact that we still have to choose one. And so, the question becomes, who will take us into oblivion, and who will possibly – not. That’s really the choice. It’s banking on a possibility, not an ideology. And while capitalism brings with it greed, Socialism brings with it Communism. Just talk to those that have lived it … While this doesn’t mean you actually ‘support’ the rules or agenda of a particular party, you still have to choose. As ugly as that may seem and feel, knowledge of what one is and has been vs the other is an individual weight. Whatever you choose, we are still intrinsically joined in our most core basic desires. Unfortunately, the evolution of our respective choices is the evolution of humanity in totality.

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    1. Ronnie says:

      In my lifetime it has predominantly been Labour or Conservative in power in the UK. So when I question if either of those parties have had any noticeable detrimental effects on my well-being (I will exclude New Labour, which Thatcher described as her greatest achievement) the answer is very obvious to me.
      Under Labour, no noticeable problems, with Tory rule I have suffered, just like millions of other people.
      Why any decent person would want to vote for a party that has been eroding human rights is beyond me. Any party that forces terminally ill people to look for work that they are never going to get is sick and twisted.
      The two posts that I have inserted on this blog with regard to the Tory and Labour leaders reflect that Corbyn has honour whereas May is a complete liar.


  2. Helena says:

    I respect your feelings and politics as being representative of the UK. I am an outsider looking in and each of us knows better when looking from the inside out. Each country should be seen as sovereign representing the people. When our esteemed leaders try and make every country the same, they are not representing the people, but instead an agenda – that is globalization. Uniqueness should be embraced. Instead we have become whiners and entitles ruled by elitists who see us as ignorant puppets. Perhaps our core is the same, our means is simply different…

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  3. GraiceLil Escapegoat says:

    That’s right.I was just thinking the other day, if you’re not part of the solution you’re part of the problem.

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    1. Ronnie says:

      Thank you, what you said sums it up nicely.

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